Hello. I'm Stella. I'm a transformational life coach specialising in soul life purpose .

I work with soul-based women who not only know that they are here to make a difference but are prepared to roll their sleeves up and do the work needed to answer their souls calling.

My clients include conscious entrepreneurs, heart based  business owners, coaches and other practitioners who want to be at the top of their game and on purpose, so they can serve their clients better and do their bit from a place of power to create this new world we all so desperately long for. 

My role is to help you find your mojo.

What is your unique super power ?  Who are you really ? What did you come here to do? 

How does your unique energy signature translate into your life, friendships and those you are here to serve, inspire or heal?

These are just some of the topics we can explore and they are important questions. Ones many are only just exploring.

I have worked thousands of hours on a one-to-one basis, And as a result I have an in depth understanding of the unique relationship between the energy of your soul and the reasons why, despite your best efforts, your still frustrated, unfulfilled and doubting that you have what it takes to be who you came here to be.

I am a fully qualified kinesiologist and one of only seven fully qualified soul journey practitioners here in the UK. I have a thriving practice that is booked many months in advance and have been trained by Dr Clare Zammit as a feminine power transformational coach, Eben Pagan in the skills of virtual coaching and am also a qualified Mind Valley Life Coach.

Outside of coaching & teaching, I love being outdoors with my cocker spaniel Teddy, walking in the rain, all things quantum & reading a good book at home with a hot chocolate in front of a blazing log burner.

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