Common Questions

Common Questions 


Q: I have never considered working in this way before and am new to this - will I benefit? 

A; Yes, based on 1000's of hours of 1:1 work I am confident that this short programme will benefit you.

If you have never worked this way before it will be a very new experience, but providing you approach each module from a place of curiosity and remain open minded you will have a positive experience and benefit from the work you will be asked to do.

I am excited for you that you are considering a new approach! 


Q: I have been on the spiritual path for some time - How is this different?

A: Thank you for asking this important question.

Many of the practices of spiritual growth in the old paradigm never addressed the electromagnetic roots of our mental or emotional pain. It had us looking to others to clear our pain or alternatively encouraged us to bring our attention outside of ourselves, ignoring the physical body in order to connect to higher realms or another external "something".

In this way  we were encouraged to bypass the physical body, disassociate or give our power away to a guru or spiritual leader/teacher.

The new paradigm of common sense spirituality teaches you the tools and techniques you need to eliminate your own patterns, regulate your emotions and take control of your daily experience. It is also essential that each one of us learn to manage the significant power of our energy consciousness so we can co create the life we want for ourselves and others.

Is there a refund policy.

Yes there is a 7 day 100% refund. If after the second module is released you decide this isn't for you just let me know and you will be refunded immedialty. 

I like the sound of the way you work but feel I'm ready for something deeper - do you have anything that would suite me?

Absolutely yes! This is the first in a suite of programs called SHE Returns. There is an incredibly powerful next level called SHE Transcends on my website here: