She Awakens - Final

She Awakens 

Meet Your Inner Heroine
Accelerate Your Growth
Get out of Your Own Way!

Hello Lovely Soul!

I'm so happy you've found your way here.

If you're here I suspect that you're one of the many exceptional women who sense or know that they are here for a reason. My guess is that you have a sense that you’re here to do more and make a difference but find yourself constantly getting in your own way! And whether you label your pattern as procrastination, self-sabotage or self-doubt, you know that you are doing it. You know that at some level, the only one getting in your way, is you. As a result, you often move through your day with an underlying sense of frustration or anxiety, and let's not forget the self-judgment too.

Why is this?

Why do the most capable of women find themselves in a pattern of self-imposed limitation? Over the years I have noticed that there are 4 core wounds at the root of every woman’s self-sabotage, self-doubt, or poor self-image. All of them are linked to our need to be loved or accepted by others, and a belief that at some level we're just not enough. Let me say straight away that you're not alone in this, because sadly, this is a collective, inter-generational issueOur insecurities around worthiness, love or acceptance AND the belief that we are flawed in some way, are unconsciously programmed into our DNA, cultures, family dynamics and even some spiritual belief systems. And whilst working with the mind or mediating is helpful, they will not make the significant difference that you're seeking. 


Because our world is one of resonance, frequency, and energy. It’s electromagnetic in nature and your bodies, thoughts and emotions are electromagnetic in nature too. The fact is that whilst you want to make a difference—everything you want to change in your world starts with YOU. And it's only when you eliminate the electromagnetic roots of your programming and beliefs that any permanent progress is made. No matter where you might be on your unique journey, the key to moving past your self-limitation is held in your bioenergetic field. Many incredible women find themselves in a cycle of confusion and frustration that prevents them from stepping forward in the way their soul is urging them to through no fault of their own. They have a gap in information or understanding about the way in which our world essentially works, and importantly their power to change it. It's essential that you truly understand just how POWERFUL you really are, because having worked with so many incredible women over these past ten years, I know that we are the ones we have been waiting for. My hope is that what I have shared so far not only makes sense but resonates and you will take a few minutes to explore what is on offer here. These are the times you were born for and the world needs as many of us stepping forward as possible.

We have an opportunity to stop this legacy of limitation in it's tracks now!

No more passing our unregulated emotions or limiting beliefs onto the next generation. Please remember always, that everything you desire for yourself and others, starts with YOU!

With Love,

Stella 💚  

Who is this for?

This short but powerful program is for the spiritually aware woman who is struggling to understand why she gets in her own way and wants to STOP that pattern once and for all. 

It's for the woman who wants better relationships, emotional balance or more self-confidence and is prepared to acknowledge that the change she wants to experience, whether it be in her world or the world, starts with her. 

If you are one of those exceptional women who is prepared to take responsibility for her life and the outcomes she creates then this is for you. 

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This programme was originally run live with over 120 souls taking part.

 Have a look at what others had to say about this program: 


Thank you so much Stella. It was absolutely perfect timing and I'm sure that this was the reason I have felt so peaceful during a very stressful time for many.   
Founder, Healing From Within
Stella... so deep and transformational... you are
a real changemaker in a profoundly deep way.
Thank you. It was and still is an honour.  
Psychologist & Coach

It was deeply clearing for me and extremely interesting.
Truly looking forward to more... thank you so much
for sharing such pearls
of wisdom.

Founder, Inner Wisdom Therapies


One Month to a New You! 

Providing you do the work, in less than one month you will be a very different woman than the one reading this offering. 

In addition to pulling together key pieces of the puzzle that can take many years to uncover, it gives you a fundamental understanding of who you are, how your body and soul communicate and what is truly possible for you in this new energy. 

It will help you to reconnect with your body in a way that the old paradigm of inner work and spirituality often overlooks or ignores.

Not only will you understand why you get in your way, you will also have the tools needed to start working through the underlying electrical triggers. 


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How The Program Works 

The program is broken down into eight short modules. It is recommended that you do two a week to allow for integration and practice.

These modules include pre-recorded trainings, workbooks, meditations or embedded tracks that will support you to work deeply and safely in the context of a powerful group energy.

Each module builds on the previous, allowing you to build your understanding at your own pace and practice the tools offered in your own time.

Once the final module has been completed and you have created the core competencies needed to process at a deeper level, the incredibly powerful bonus group clearing is released.



Be in no doubt—these are the times that you were born for.

Every time you take action towards your own growth, you impact the collective too because we are all connected at the energetic level.

The choices you make and actions you take now, will directly impact not only the world you are co-creating for yourself, but for your children, grandchildren and future generations.

With this in mind, it's crucial that you move through your day from a place of emotional regulation and balance, rather than your programming.

When you step into radical self-responsibility in this way, the inter-generational legacy of limitation is interrupted and STOPS with you!




Jenny K



"I’m proud and privileged and profoundly grateful for this ground-breaking experience.
Strange thing is that I know it’s still continuing, and the energies are INCREDIBLE.

Thank you Stella x"


You and I both know that our world is in serious trouble.
That's why you're here—you're here to make a difference.
I think you know this, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far. The sooner you understand what is currently going on in your energy field and how it is limiting you, the sooner you can do something about it.
So my question is, are you prepared to take this next step for yourself and future generations?
I do hope so.


 Yes, I'm Ready!


 Here’s what you are going to discover and
start the process of dismantling in your programme:


Module 1: The Untrue Story of You

In module 1 we will explore:

  • The science of energy and the truth about your power.
  • How to stop throwing your energy around ( stop the leaky bucket that allows other people into your field)
  • Essential tools to create a powerful presence and change the way you navigate the world (Essential if you want to increase your impact and develop soul communication)



Module 2: The story of Two You's

 In module 2 we will explore:

  • The other you and where she lives 
  • Self responsibility and the power of your choice to stop these patterns for yourself and future generations 
  • Developing the skill's needed for connection with the energy & language of your inner heroine & soul

Module 3 : The story of Collective Wounds That Keep You Small 

 In module 3 we will explore:

  • The wounds and limitation of the old paradigm and the way it has kept you small  
  • Sovereignty, emotional regulation & the heroine within
  • Developing the skill of connecting with and naming your feelings and needs ( Essential for authentic communication and emotional regulation)

Module 4: The Story of Shaky Beginnings    

In module 4 we will explore:

  • The programs of limitation & the three core wounds 
  • Exploring the first collective wound of Abandonment
  • The Heroine quality limited by this wound 
  • Where in the body this is held and powerful practices to begin your journey back to wholeness by creating foundations for growth 

Module 5: The Story of Ancestors & Betrayal

In module 5 we will explore: 

  • The science of Epigenetics and the emotional shadow of your ancestors
  • Exploring the second collective wound of Betrayal
  • The Heroine quality limited by this wound 
  • Where in the body this is held and powerful practices to clear the trauma of our female ancestors from the womb 

Module 6: The Story of Self Blame & Doubt  

 In module 6 we will explore: 

  • An introduction to the ancestral grids and the morphic field
  • Exploring the third collective wound of shame
  • The Heroine quality limited by this wound 
  • Where in the body this is held and a powerful practice that teaches you how to use vibration and frequency to clear any issue from the body quickly

Module 7: The Story of Others & Walls of Protection 

In module 7 we will explore:

  • The power of the heart – Why do you hear so much about it?
  • The Fear of being judged by others
  • The Heroine quality limited by this fear 
  • Heart Walls and how they impact your relationships with others. 

Module 8: The Story of The Heroine Within 

In module 8 we will explore:

  • The three stages of your journey and healing 
  • The power of your consciousness and why it is important that you acknowledge who you are
  • A deep embedded group balance to clear the energetic root of every collective core wound from your body 

Bonus: A Story About the Lock That Separates You From Your Soul 

This powerful group recording eliminates the heart lock that is held in your field. This shock creates a disturbance and block in your field that prevents you from connecting fully with the greater aspects of who you are. 

This session is opened after module three to allow you to create a stable foundation for the rest of the work that we will be doing. This is a life changing piece of work. It will change how you feel about yourself and puts the possibility of taking control of your energy & consciousness fully in your hands so you can do what is needed to be the change you came here to be.



Tracy S

Hampton UK


"Fabulous information that resonated for me and many others I expect! 
Thank you, Stella xx"



Meet Stella

Hello, if we haven’t met before I’m Stella. I’m so pleased that you have found your way to this page.

I’m a specialist kinesiologist, mentor life coach and large group facilitator. I have worked thousands of hours on a 1:1 basis and my clients have been my greatest teachers.

My super power is being able to apply my innate understanding of the unique relationship your consciousness has with your physical, astral and causal bodies to help you create a grounded physicality. One that allows you to access your limitless potential at the level of the soul.  

My private practice is booked many many months ahead based on word-of-mouth recommendations and I have run large group balances and training programmes both online and in person for many years.

What I do is effective and gets results quickly because when working, I basically do exactly what the soul has guided me to do through the bio feedback mechanism of muscle testing.

I would love the opportunity to share this short but powerful programme with you so that you too can take control of your life, get on track and be the incredible woman that you came here to be. After all, our broken world needs you now.

Summary Of Your Programme

  • 8 modules covering the core foundational understanding about who you are and what is making you tick (or NOT)
  • Workbooks, exercises and meditations to support your understanding and begin the dismantling process
  • 1 deep embedded online group balance to clear ALL the core wounds (recorded live and in person with a group of highly experienced souls)
  • 1 powerful bonus session of a live online group balance clearing the heart lock that causes an energetic block to connecting with your unique filed of consciousness and embodiment of the soul.
  • Lifetime access
 The  cost of this unique and powerful
short programme is just
£137 or 2 payments of £68.50


There is 100% 10-day money back guarantee. 
Try the first two modules within the first 10 days, and should you
for any reason change your mind, just let me know and I will refund your money straight away.



Find answers to these common questions here

Q: I have never considered working in this way before and am new to this — will I benefit? 

Q: I have been on the spiritual path for some time — How is this different?

Q: Is there a refund policy?

Q: I like the sound of the way you work, but feel I'm ready for something deeper — do you have anything that would suit me?



 This programme is in no way a replacement for any medical intervention or mental health support you may need.
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